About us

We are a professional team with many years of experience taking company portraits. We work with a feeling of empathy, always trying to understand the personality of the client and company, and to express it through the photograph. We offer a complete photographic service, including the services of a makeup artist and stylist.

VOJTĚCH VLK – Lead photographer

Fotograf Vojtěch Vlk


Vojtěch takes most of the portraits and guarantees the highest quality photographs – not only those taken by himself, but also those taken by our other photographers. As well as business portraits, Vojtěch takes reportage, product and interior photographs too. He studied in the Atelier of Photography, under Professor Pavel Štecha of the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague. He also completed internships in Canada, Israel and Austria. He regularly works on one-man and group exhibitions.


KRYŠTOF ANTŮŠEK – photographer

Fotograf Kryštof Antůšek


Kryštof studied in the Atelier of Photography at the Graphic School in Prague. He is a young photographer with many years of experience in the fields of portrait and reportage photography. Explore Kryštof's photogallery.

TEREZA FRAŇKOVÁ - make-up artist, hairstylist

Vizážistka Tereza Fraňková

Tereza takes care of professional make-up, that will emphasize the virtues of your personality and works perfectly with the light - whether the photoshoot takes place in our atelier or in your company. Tereza also adjusts your hair and checks the combination of clothes and accessories to make sure your photographs will look harmonious.

VERONIKA HAVLÍČKOVÁ - make-up artist

Vizážistka Veronika Havlíčková

Veronika has several year experience with photo and TV make-up, make-up for professional photoshoots for advertising as well as make-up for brides and weddings.

Would you like to use a stylist, who will recommend appropriate clothing, or even arrange it for you? We will arrange it for you, just let us know.

ZDENĚK HÄCKL – graphic design

Grafik Zdeněk Häckl

Do you need to incorporate text or logo into your photographs? Prepare graphic materials? You can rely on Zdeněk´s long term experience with graphic design.



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