Business portraits in your company

Do you want your photographs to be taken in your office?
Do you have no time to come to our studio?
Do you need to take photographs of all the members of your management team?

In that case, we will be more than happy to come to your premises.

There we will sit down together to discuss and agree on the most suitable place for the photoshoot to take place. As soon as we have prepared the background and lightning, we will be ready to start. If you wish, our makeup artist can join us to make sure that you are looking your best, that your appearance is suitable for a business portrait. We can also arrange for a stylist to be present, a professional who will help fine tune the clothing.

We are able take corporate photographs in line with the company’s visual style, or we can come up with an original proposal for a unique creative concept, an approach which will express your personality and values. We have a fresh, modern approach to the business portrait, the days of the simple passport-style photograph being long since gone.

A stylish and elegant portrait can say a lot about you – it is about more than just the colour of your eyes, or whether or not you wear glasses.

We can adjust to your time schedule and can even meet your special needs. For example, your photographs can be produced in express time if you need them in a hurry.

The finished photographs are suitable for many different purposes. For example they can be used as portraits for marketing materials, or as business portraits for your company webpage. Business portraits are increasingly used as profile photographs on professional social networks, such as LinkedIn.

PS: Do you think you are not photogenic? We believe that a great portrait photograph can be taken of anyone, and we will do our best to convince you of this.

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